About some survival myths

World of survival and prepping is full of prejudices and misconceptions so you can read and see lot of stuff, some of them do not have anything to do with reality because people are so used to believe what they want to believe.

Other opinions are there because more sinister reasons, for example someone want you (us) to think that something is true just because it is nicely packaged. Get this latest special close distance gun and you are safe! When every gun in good hands can do this.

Few years ago I read about idea that some guy wrote on some survival forum that using a skateboard for as transportation device to move in urban enviroment when SHTF is a good idea.

Other guys commented (mostly) positive on that idea. Fact that the guy who wrote that never actually experienced urban SHTF is important here, neither he or guys who appreciated the idea.

So after reading that thread, and after reading positive comments on idea you could easily conclude that riding the skate trough the city when SHTF is absolutely cool idea.

You gonna form your opinion based on some guys idea, and other guys positive comments. Everyone agrees and their reasoning makes sense too. So now this idea can spread.

And of course people gonna figure out when SHTF that riding a skateboard trough the city make sense just like screaming „I am idiot, please shoot me“. Maybe later you gonna use it as a fuel for fire, or setup for some primitive cart, so I agree, having a skateboard is better than not having anything.

Using a skateboard in dangerous urban environment where you should move slowly and careful? Good idea too because it speeds up natural selection.

Examples are numerous, and while some of them are just funny, other are more serious, and can kill you in a post collapse world.

Very often you find discussions about battle, combat and similar on blogs and forums and after reading most of that you may come up with a lot of decisions, and because most of the discussions about combat are nonsense you will make some wrong decisions probably.

While driving skateboard when SHTF sounds stupid, you will probably see that it is wrong idea very soon, but remember that when it comes to battle wrong decisions today will probably kill you when SHTF.

Nobody gonna forgive you your wrong decisions when SHTF. Your wrong decision is another guys lucky day.

Let’s go over the few usual „truths“ about combat, battle, fighting, violence etc.

Right (good, truth, God…) is on my side, I (we) will prevail, win, survive…

Forget it. Nobody care for reasons and what is right and what is wrong when SHTF. If you think that you have an advantage just because you are good man you are so wrong.

First thing that completely breaks apart is concept of good will win or “fairness”. We only have these ideas because of living so far removed from nature.

Nature is brutal and good dead man is still dead man. You gonna find yourself in situations when you wonder why this guy died and why this family vanished. People now hope for system, like epic fight of good vs evil. Not gonna happen.

Everyone’s life is in danger, we are just preparing to make it harder for nature and others to get ours.

And history is written by the winners, so do not trust too much in it. Very rarely you gonna see full and true story of survival without make up either because political or commercial reasons.

Those who are prepared and are willing to adapt will survive. Those who can throw out society conventions fast and see all possibilities will have advantage.

Of ourse I strongly suggest doing good, SHTF or not SHTF, but please do not expect that being good will save you.

Violence is reserved only for certain type of people

Why people do violence is topic for some other bigger discussion, but it is wrong to think that only certain type of people will (efectively) use violence.

I have seen school techers stabbing other folks, or skinny ladies shooting from machine gun. That moody evil lady down the road? Might become vicious killer.

Especially when things start to settle after first weeks, do not turn your back to anyone you do not trust 100%.

You also have to be sure that you are able to do violence. And what is more important you need to be ready to do violence, physically and psychologically.

With thinking „Oh I can not do that“ you are one big step closer to losing the game of survival right at the beginning of SHTF. In regular society violence is not normal, in post collapse or survival situation violence is part of life (even if it is just hunting or slaugthering animals if you are lucky and live in countryside).

How people REACT to violence is different thing. And you need to be ready to have problems after doing (and suffering) violence. You can not get away from that.

I have seen people crying like babies after doing it, other puking, some had nightmares…

Even toughest guys who had gone through whole period like „tough guys“ suffered years later. You can not escape from that. Be prepared for that too.

I have most beautiful (expensive) equipment, weapon, ammo… I will survive

Yeah, it is cool to have best stuff. But do not get yourself in situation where stuff own you, instead you own the stuff. Good stuff does not make up for lack of skills.

I have seen guys (women and children too) getting killed just because they were not willing to leave their stuff and run when time came. It is stupid to get killed just because you love your possessions too much.

When it comes to your stuff be sure that you are ready to leave it in split second if situation asks for it.

What that means in reality? If you choose to defend your home from looters even if that means that you will be killed for sure it is very stupid. Your escape plan is as important as perimeter defense plan.

If you own rifle that is just too precious, too different it does not make too much sense either.

I am very skilled shooter, I know how it is gonna be, I ve seen it (in movies, documentaries…)

I can write pages and pages about being in battle and still you could not get real picture because it is something pretty much unique.

It is chaos.

Forget about movies where guys making jokes while shooting from machine guns at some folks. Sometimes I would go through one whole ruined apartment building, shooting at same time, and later I could not really recollect all details.

It is so intensive that you are burning out in that short moments of intense physical and mental stress in order to stay alive, to survive that fight. It is like being in some sort of tunnel and you become very much like animal.

People say this is good, because it is very old and real side of us that comes up and tries to protect us.

I knew guy who was screaming while he and few others fight with some group. He was screaming all the time during that fight, maybe some 20 minutes or half hour,and he was not even aware that he was screaming. When all ended he found out that his mouth was open, and he was trying to continue to scream but nothing was coming from his mouth.

He lost his voice for few days.

After some time I am gonna get used to violence

Well, yes and no at same time. You can do violence better (more effective) after some time of doing it, but you are not gonna get used to it in terms of that you do not care about it, or that you not gonna have some issues because it.

Rare people can do that. You are probably gonna have some periods of „numbness“ on violence, or periods without feelings actually, but that will pass.

I’m not jolly good fellow bringing only good news and definitive solutions to keep you alive. (There are none, you can just make chance to get killed or dying smaller by knowing more and making better decision)

But it is important to understand this side of survival. It is not romantic, it can not become comfortable no matter how hard we prepare. If you like to hear more about this, join my survival course in which I talk about my whole year of surviving in city under siege.

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  1. StukaPilot says:

    Good cold bath of (violent) common sense. Another useful technique – especially if embedded deep in hostile territory, as I am – is to consider oneself already dead. It clarifies the mind.

  2. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Again Selco – much thanks for the above. I am not sure I would deal in situations of what you describe above and I hope I will never have to.

    • willy says:

      Thank you Selco,
      Your points are right on, How many ARMY( war fighters ) stayed in the game as long as you did ? after all they had the training and wepons to take on RAMBO and win, but lost? The WEB is full of these snake oil salesmen to take your monies and with no garrentee that you will be bullet proof,but they say they can make you RAMBO after 1800$ and say SEE YA later after the class.
      Your point of MIND SET thinking it through will save your bacon better than full auto run and 50 clips and ect………
      Im in hope’s that WE never have to do this like you did, But if we do the end result this time will be different than yours because the whole landscape will be in the toilet.(people,places,things).There will be no safe haven AFTERWARDS.

      Thank you and all your readers for good solid input and logic,learned alot since you came on line.

      Keep on truckin .

  3. aka says:

    “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any bands of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” Noah Webster, 1787 “An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution”

    As usual Selco,a great article.We who have not ‘been there’ will heed your information,and I hope those who have will be able us to have ‘on the job’ training..
    Thanks for all your articles and recordings,,

    Reality doesn’t care about your feelings..

    • Taurus says:

      When it (should) crumble, it will get ugly. Despite being European, American or any other national, the horrors of a lifetime will resonate like an atom bomb. Worst, the side effects of this will be poisonous.

      What Selco writes is very real. Thank you for writing this.

    • Michael says:

      And of course, that’s EXACTLY what the US gov’t has been doing: disarming the people, slowly, but surely…the sheeple don’t get it – it’s for the children (sarcasm…)

  4. Chris says:

    I think the underlying truth in all of this is…

    Everything you think you know about SHTF is a myth, and you need to be ready for the reality of what will not be a movie, and will not be a vacation.

    • Selco says:

      Yea Chris. Maybe not everything, but there is a huge amount of information about SHTF circulating around for years, so they somehow become truth. In reality lot of that need to be checked, and some common sense need to be used.

      • BigRod/USN says:

        How much value would there be for we the people to study a little Tsun Tzu. All of the US war colleges use it. The English translations, mine is Thomas Cleary, make it all make sense. Arguably it is the ancient study of war, applicable for all time for HUMANS.

  5. Tim Gray says:

    “Especially when things start to settle after first weeks, do not turn your back to anyone you do not trust 100%”

    And even then still keep an eye on them. If someone get’s hungry enough or want something enough, even your spouse will put a bullet in your back if it means they get to eat or get to escape, etc…

    Selco, you are the only SHTF/ Survival blog I give any serious weight to. every other ones is just a bunch of guys that have never been in SHTF or even seen it from a distance. Even Combat Vets have zero clue because they had supply lines and a place to retreat to.

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      Good stuff, true stuff, there are many throwing around commentaries and posting untruths just so they can tear down the community of the prepared because they fear what they can not become or control.
      There are different SHTFs and none will be the same though many take the same tools to get thru.
      As far as the “Combat Vets have zero clue” well it is you that doesn’t have the clue. No Vet will tell you his experience was as bad as the indigenous but they know how bad it is because they were there. Leave your bravado hateraide at the door until you serve and have been there. I was there where Selco was and understand everything he says and though I didn’t have it as bad as him it doesn’t make me clueless. It’s these very type of commentaries that try and drive wedges and deliever falsehoods. Stay to the facts

      • Tim Gray says:

        I know a lot of vets, several that have had to kill children to save their teams lives. (Nothing like a 6 year old running at you with a bomb strapped to them) And they all admit that they have no clue as to what it is like to be the people trapped inside the SHTF. Knowing that you have no place to run to no place that is safe with no-one you can trust is a completely different world than the troops on the ground that can call in for help or retreat back to base for a shower and a meal. The troops have light at the end of the tunnel they can see. real SHTF there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it’s collapsed.

      • x-soviet says:

        “there are many throwing around commentaries and posting untruths just so they can tear down the community of the prepared because they fear what they can not become or control”

        This is how I feel for some time already, I feel like there are numerous “survival websites” set up out there (that I will not point fingers to), with mostly 1 thing in mind – to divert from real knowledge as many beginners as possible, and to make as many of them to die as soon as possible during SHTF.

        I remember the following: during the mess of SHTF (or economic collapse, as in my experience), in the middle of the actual turmoil, nobody knows nothing, 99% of rumors you here are at best nonsense, at worst – dangerous, purposefully created, lethal nonsense.

        I also know from experience, that it will be very hard (but not impossible!), to mistrust everybody and rely on ones own intuition and judgement.

        • oldfatguy says:

          I think 99% of the survivalist websites are nothing more than blogs that sell advertising space on them to the purveyors of freeze-dried foods, water filters, ammo and other “survival” products. The authors know how to write, and basically rehash what they’ve seen on competing sites in order to get the same advertisers…

          • Roach says:

            One thing I notice with a lot of real preppers I’ve met here and there, are that some of them are very out of shape, and in many cases morbidly obese. I cannot take anyone like that seriously. I’ve done a little camping and hiking. It’s grueling. It’s tiring. It’s hard when you’re in shape. I’m not in the best shape, but I’m not a disgusting slob and hit the gym a few days a week. Without cars, gas, busted trees and power lines, and obstacles everywhere, it’ll take reasonable physical condition just to get through a regular day. I cannot take these fat slob armchair commandos at all seriously. It’s the biggest leading indicator of someone in fantasy land.

      • ken says:

        Selco is on my top 10 A list for facts and insight. Your brain is still your very best weapon. On a personal note are you a Mayes county resident? If’ you are, try Green country prep and barter.

  6. Gumby says:

    Thanks again for the valuable and timely advice Selco. Your website, and one other by a guy who lived through the economic collapse in Argentina, are the only two I read regarding survival and preparedness, because you two are the only ones I know of who speak from experience.

    • In addition to Selco and Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre, you may want to check out Dmitry Orlov too. Drawing on personal experience, he writes about life in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

      • Tim Gray says:

        Thank you for that information, Both of their blogs were easy to find with their full names spelled correctly.

        Selco’s experience was with something that was far far more violent and nightmarish, but multiple sources of information from other points of view are always good.

        • x-soviet says:

          I’ll second on Dmitry Orlov’s writings on xUSSR collapse, everything was like he describes in his good and witty English.

          OTOH, Mr. Orlov leans towards the Left in many other respects (Global Warming, ecologically clean living, redistribution of wealth etc), so that you were warned.

          But, seriously, no one is ever perfect, and I, personally, have absolutely no problem with learning from wise people, whose ideas I may not be sharing completely, 100%.

      • Gumby says:

        Thanks for the info. I took a look at his site. It took me a while reading through some of Mr. Orlov’s writings and postings to find some nuggets of insightful and useful information. He definitely is more academic and tends to pontificate on various topics. Whereas Selco and FerFal get right to the point and give you the nitty-gritty, bare, harsh truth. But overall, he did experience the before and after sides of an economic collapse, so his voice experience is of value to me.

  7. Mariowen says:

    The hardest thing to come to grips with is the fact that even with the best knowledge and best training and best equipment, you have a much better chance of dying than living. And when it is over, it will never be over. Life will never ever be as it was before. Even if on the outside things seem the same, you are a changed person inside. That is the saddest part. That can never be undone.
    I hope we never come to this place, but the way things are going, it is foolish to think it won’t. Our biggest enemy will be lack of true knowledge and wrong perceptions.
    Thank you Selco. I don’t like what you say because you say the truth, and I am not sure I am ready to deal with the truth in real life.

    • Tim Gray says:

      In the USA you have this. White surburban kids have never had bullet holes in their homes. Yet inner city kids in some places like detroit, NYC, and Chicago are used to it. not as bad as children who are raised in war torn countries, but enough to understand why they are drastically different.

  8. dryerlint says:

    What you speak has the ring of truth.

  9. Joe says:

    Good points. My wife’s family is from the Middle East and has lived through civil unrest. All that Selco said was true. What good is a skateboard when there is rubble in the street, stopping to clean the street is a good way to get dead. Humans are a violent bunch, just look at Chicago, IL, USA on any weekend. This with society in place. We are still animals and this will only be worse without the controls of society.

    Due to my work I have met several military snipers, for them killing is business not personel. That is the mind set you must have when SHTF. Cold but true, whatever it takes to survive.

    I love the guys that proclaim that a certain caliber of gun is best for SHTF. This is bull, a gun is a tool and one tool will not do all jobs. One survival plan will not suit every situation. I try to plan for both natural disasters and man-made. I moved to a location where natural disaters are rare (this is why I move away from the coast) but man-made are still possible. This coupled with the fact that most infrastructure systems are in bad shape all over the world, soon or later something will happen. Widespread or local, who knows.

  10. higherview says:

    Selco, this is sobering and useful to read – as usual you have helped us to open our eyes and prepare our minds & souls for reality which might come. I have a question for you. This weekend I began to watch a movie called The Land of Blood and Honey. I watched it because it was about the Bosnian War (actually watch part of it and will complete it when I have time). It was disturbing to see the inhumanity and how unprepared many (most) of the people were perhaps through un awareness. The violence against others, rapes, slavery etc. Immediately I could see some things that were unrealistic that I have learned from the SHTF School. People going about in the day, going about on the streets and not discretely through building to building. But I also was wondering if you had seen it as you might have some comments that would be helpful form your experience. Those of us who have never seen anything like this might learn something by viewing – envisioning – some new (to us) scenarios. I was wondering if you had any input or insight as I (we) very much value your input?

    • Selco says:

      It is a movie. I mean it can show you some things, it can bring reality closer to you, but like every movie it focused on some things while others are not mentioned.
      Feeling how hard is when you hungry for days, or scared for weeks, or similar is hard to put in it. Anyway real stuff is always hard to explain.
      And one more things, this war actually was few wars on Balkan region, so there were regions where situation was “better” and regions where was brought back to almost middle ages.
      I do not have bad opinion about movie, but it show if I can say only specific situations, while everything was much bigger, more complex and harder in reality.

      Reality was more disturbing.

      • botfly says:

        This is why my good friends from Bosnia taught me a very important saying…Sranje kros gusto granje…they say it all the time and now I understand why.

      • Julia says:

        So what do you think of the idea of food stockpiling? I’m in a suburban environment, far enough from the big city so I doubt I’d need to ‘bug out’.

        I have started putting up food for several months as ‘food insurance’ because even losing my job would be a frightening experience. I’m jut not sure how much it would help in times of societal breakdown like you’ve gone through.

        • chuck b says:

          Food stockpiling also serves as a defense against such things as road closures or trucker’s strikes that can cause interruptions, possibly long-term, in the delivery system. A simple but real example:
          – The grocery store near my house gets 2-4 deliveries daily to stay stocked. After NOLA, the Delco Center across the highway from my neighborhood was used as a refugee shelter, and many of the deliveries were loaded from the trailers directly into waiting trucks, diverted from the store shelves directly to the refugees. In order to buy a loaf of bread we had to drive part-way across town because the shelves of our local store were nearly stripped bare. It was not a real problem because it was only a couple stores for a couple weeks, but had it been SHTF that affected the entire area, state, country, the only food after the second day would have been what we already had in the house.
          Even a week’s or month’s provisions would put you ahead of almost all of your neighbors.

          Chuck B

        • Selco says:

          Sure, it is starting point in this whole thing. It gives you security and make things much easier when SHTF.

        • Frdmftr says:

          For what it is worth, my wife and I prepared with food and supplies until we had one bedroom of our home stocked floor to ceiling with long-tem survival food. We were living in a small suburban area fifty miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, but “suburban” isn’t good enough by a long shot when the metropolitan complex of suburbs constitute one huge city with a fifty-mile radius. We wanted to be able to “bug-out” to a safer, more rural area, but 1. Taking our stuff with us would have required a Deuce-and-a-half.
          2. Using a Deuce-and-a-half to bug-out would have required it to be already loaded and ready to go.
          3. Having a Deuce-and-a-half loaded and ready to go would have required keeping it in an air-conditioned hangar (too big for a garage).
          4. Having it ready to go would have required having some place to go to.
          5. Having some place to go to would logically require that place to already be fully stocked and ready for our occupancy, obviating the need of a Deuce-and-a-half.
          6. Having a place already stocked and ready would require someone to be there at all times, or it would be burglarized and the contents, including appliances, stolen.
          7. Also, it would require you to be known and considered a resident of the area, or the locals will never let you in when SHTF.
          8. Having someone there at all times means you have to live there and commute to your job: Fuel, vehicle costs, wear and tear, and the time involved means you no longer have the time, money, or other resources to continue your preparations.

          Solution: When I lost my job we lived off those supplies for two years until they were gone, and then we lived with my wife’s mother for ten years (her need, not ours; she’d lost her husband of sixty some-odd years and needed our support) until we retired (we got new jobs). Now we live near, but not in, a rural small town 75 miles from the edge of the metroplex of Phoenix, Arizona, and we are not going to bug out anywhere. We are going to live here and if necessary we are going to die here. And now we are building a survival inventory that will be useful when necessary, because we don’t intend to take it anywhere.

          • Echo says:

            love your listing!!! it is so true.

            when someone gets to talking and posting about their hidden/remote/ hard to reach bug out location, whether real or fantasy it sometimes cracks me up. i have to wonder exactly how they are all going to make it to that spot? unless you bug out at the very first whiff, shiver or thought of shtf? the roads just might be clogged and whatever vehicle you are using in going to be sooo viable and whatever god you pray to help you if it looks like you have goodies packed in the back. and if you have been making somewhat regular trips to that spot it’s not going to be all that hidden. and someone has been bound to have seen you on some of your trips. and you just know that someone has had to have gotten nosy and checked it out. and…. at the first hint, whiff or shiver of shtf??? they just might decide to become squatters. armed squatters at that. and we all know the saying about what “possession” is. and it’s not gonna be a lawful situation and no one is gonna want to play fair or nice.

  11. John R says:

    Anyone want to buy a dozen skate boards?

  12. Tolik says:

    ” Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas ”
    Erwin Rommel

  13. Jav says:


    Good post and great talking points as usual!

    What % of your neighborhood was killed due to inability to adapt or foolish actions?

    How fast did they disappear? I presume this is not a steadily increasing % and levels off at some point? Could you share your perception of the timeline and the survival %?

    I have acquired one 9mm pistol, one 20 ga shotgun, and one rifle (9mm or .223) for each family member. We have been training, but I recognize from my previous soldiering that hitting moving humans shooting back at you from behind cover is completely different. What do you suggest for weapons? Training?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tim Gray says:

      do not teach soldiering unless you want them dead. teaching them how to act in a firefight is bad, bad, bad. Teach them how to run and hide well but also be able to shoot and hit their targets fast. Set up the 5 target spread and have them aim, and put two rounds into each target as fast and accurate as possible.

      IF a gang is walking towards your family you want to put 2 rounds into each quickly and then run. shoot to incapacitate or scatter them and then run. teach them how to run while keeping a low profile and how to identify and find cover and to blend in so they dissapear.

      Situational awareness, how to spot is someone has a chance at being hostile, a group of 5 or more men you ALWAYS treat as hostile and instantly get away, firing only if you need to slow them down or it’s your only choice, but trail that you are deadly when you do pull the trigger.

      You survive longer if you are not noticed and are hiding, but be ready when you have to fight and flee.

    • Selco says:

      It is bigger topic, for one whole post maybe. It was different in different stages. In first period chaos, panic and lack of knowledge (or stupidity in lot of cases) took lot of lives. Later folks realized that they need to be careful ( to put it simply). Can t say about percentage but lot of folks was gone in one or other way in first period due to chaos. Later when we “learn” some stuff people were dying because fights and situation deteriorating (bad hygiene, dirty water, no medicine etc.)

      Bring it as real as you can for your situation (specific scenario, region etc). I always advice to keep it simple on weapon, have what is common for your surroundings.

  14. MungoGerry says:

    There are so many possible scenarios. IMHO, we are already watching a collapse. Our nation, like a ship struck by a torpedo, lying low, taking on water, sinking gently at first, and then faster as water is taken on.

    I recall Flint in the 70’s, how it went from a nice city to a shit hole. Lady across the street in her 80’s, raped. Lady next door, nearly 80, wakes up to a thug over her, gun in her face, took her little money and jewelry.

    The out and out street battles are just one phase of SHTF, but it is already underway. The masses who would come and take by force are kept at bay for now with EBT. At some point that will end, and we will be in a new phase, more violent. Desperate people.

    There is also a silver lining to all this. In times past, when economic collapses and social chaos hit, it might be a rather sudden event relatively speaking. In our situation, anyone with a brain and a bit of courage can see we are collapsing in this welfare state were more and more takers exist in relation to fewer and fewer producers. It is an inevitable eventuality.

    But, the government screwed up by figuring out it could print fiat money. This buys time for people to get ready. So in some respects, there are probably 50-70 million people who are aware of where we are heading, and to varying degrees, these people are prepping. Had the collapse happened naturally without the influx of fiat money to artificially prop up the economy, more would have been caught off guard.

    Now, on the negative side, we are a highly urbanized/suburbanized society and thus unprepared to farm, ranch hunt, and produce on a basic level. Yet, humans are capable of learning, and the survivors will. Just the simple, but hard, task of raising, training and caring for horses to do work and transport takes some pretty decent skills.

    My children will have a vastly different world. In ways better, in ways not.

    • Frdmftr says:

      The government didn’t “screw up by printing fiat money.” The bankers, who actually did it, didn’t screw up either. The downward spiral of welfare dependency and inflation was in fact the object, just as ObamaCare is not for the purpose of providing health care for everyone; it is for the purpose of driving the American economy and capitalist industry out of business so the Marxist Mafia can take their Second Bolshevik Revolution to the final stage and take possession of America. And then it will be “payback time is a bitch,” because those folks have been pissed off at us every since we rapped them in the teeth and sent them packing back to the City of London with their tails between their legs. They intend to get even in spades, and they are already 13 years late in their timeline. They are going to take it hot very soon, and we had better be ready.

  15. RobStoddard says:

    A skateboard for transportation? Really? That’s the funniest thing I have read in months. I can imagine a SHTF situation, there’d be all sorts of stuff around, sticks, gravel, shell casings, rubble in the streets… The moment you try to ride a skateboard, you’re sure to fall flat on your face… not to mention being really loud and unaware of your surroundings if you are capable of moving. A skateboard is firewood on wheels.

  16. hiwayman says:

    Bicycles make better tools for survival. They have numerous and varied uses.

  17. Selco, your articles are effective, hard hitting calls to prepare!
    I’ve spent $10,000’s of dollars to become tactically trained and it was money well spent but I found something that I think was even more effective in waking me up: I think that everyone needs to spend a few days at a paintball park to see how they react when people are trying to kill them. A couple of days because the first day will be spent getting shot again and again, learning to slow down and move tactically and the second day to work on building skills and refining them I found that I was way too aggressive and almost without exception was killed quickly with very little accomplished. After learning how to balance aggression, skill and teamwork my effectiveness and life span increased 100 fold. Coupled with my tactical training and my weapons systems I think I’ve prepared myself and my family to better understand a little better the chaos that will reign down – experience that might make all the difference when it is a matter of life and death.

    • Selco says:

      It is hard truth that everything looks different when people trying to kill you. Somehow world around you is changed in a way that you feel, see, smell everything different. Only then you are gonna realize how prepared you are.
      It make sense to bring it today as close as you can to the real thing in order to be ready.

      • Jav says:


        Are we ever really ready for SHTF? Are you “ready” for it again, or do you make limited preparations, knowing you will have to adpat to the specifi scenario you find yourself in?

        Is it our ability to adapt and psychologically endure though the most difficult times that enables survival? or a combination of some preparation and adapting?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Selco says:

          I see it as a combination of being prepared as more as I can (food, weapon, water, shelter etc) and being ready to adapt ( to the fact that I could be without anything at all, and still fight to survive).

          Of course that I am probably better prepared then other folks who are not experienced what I had, but I do not think that I have everything I gonna need when SHTF. Simply we need to be prepared to improvise. It is dangerous to think in ” I am prepared and that s it” actually there is always something more to get, or learn.

          • Jav says:


            Thanks! So your points are:

            1. Prepare, Complete “basic” preparations – water, food, shelter, weapon, ammo, etc.
            2. Prepare more – You are never completely ready,
            3. Buying “gadgets” does not make you ready!
            4. Mental Preparation – Be prepared to Improvise,
            5. Learning – Continue to Learn … there’s always something additional,
            6. Adapt & Improvise to meet your Family’s needs.

    • john says:

      Paintball is not prep for gun fights unless everyone is shooting bullets so slow you can see them fly in the air and the bullets have a useful killing range of only 50 feet.

      If the bullets used in the gun fight are better than that…then your paint ball experience will only serve to train you with incorrect strategy and instincts and will get you killed.

      • Wombat says:

        Not entirely true.

        Paintball is excellent in training for close quarters where the speed of the projectile is irrelevant.

        I still remember my first match and it did the job of annihilating all preconceptions I had of what a gunfight might be like.

        Did it prep me for a real life gunfight? No. But what it did was give me a dose of reality (adrenalin, flight/fight response, tunnel vision, the value of covering fire and flanking, why going it alone sucks ass, etc).

        I would take a paintball team over a bunch of paper punching range pros into a real fight any day of the week. If you can get/afford a higher level of realism in your training then good for you, but I didn’t notice you give any advice as to alternatives.

        • Esteban Cafe says:

          Well said. PB hits cause pain. This is good at helping you avoid making the same mistakes over and over.

          Sadly, it also trains you to quit once your are hit. This is wrong. Many wounds are not fatal and, with proper care, that % is drops even more.

  18. Brock says:

    Obviously being “good” or “bad” won’t save you in this world.
    >>Kind of a mute point you’re making writer.<<

    Do your best to survive this world but keep your eyes on eternal salvation.

    It's kind of an ill-informed agenda pushing leap to assume people either Christian or non-christian assume their morality will have anything to do with protecting their physical bodies.

    Why even bring it up in the first place unless you consider people of faith to automatically have less wisdom and more naivety than Mr. Secular "hard-core" prepper such as yourself.

    Kind of an uninformed narrow-minded insult if you ask me. Why don't you actually get a grasp on reality before you start pigeonholing people?

    Give me a break man.

    • john says:

      The word is MOOT, not MUTE.

      You are being a little too hard on the writer. All he is saying is that the traditional American cowboy movie or comic book story where the good guy always wins against overwhelming odds because he is good and honorable and moral is a DOUBLE LOAD OF HORSE SHIT.

    • Selco says:

      I think you misunderstand my article.

  19. Jacob says:

    Great Article, Selco.

    I’ve only been following your articles off and on for about a year now. I am perplexed as to why you don’t have thousands of comments per article, but then again, I suppose it’s not to surprising. As we get inevitably closer, here in America, to a collapse scenario (not counting all the “SHTF” events we have when nature strikes certain parts of the country) I think a lot of people would rather bury their head in the sand then admit how hard it is going to be without them making some serious life changes to become better prepared.

    Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge for free on the internet, I really appreciate it and I’m sure I speak for a lot of other people who don’t comment on your articles when I say that. Keep on with the keepin’ on.

  20. Raven says:

    Thank you sir for giving us the benefit of your experience. “Real world” for me is that I need to be able to protect women and children in my family. What is your counsel.

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