Types of real survivalists: 1. The bad man

types of real survivalists

During SHTF I was jack of all trades. Resource gatherer, fighter and defender for my family and also just young man who wanted to enjoy life as good as possible in these problematic times.

In this and following articles I want to talk about different types of real survivalists. I dont want to judge here. If you have lived normal life you maybe only know glimpse of your survivor mindset. What kind of person you are when SHTF and you fight for survival. Important to know is that people show very different faces or mindsets when it comes to real survival.

Normal people like to think that everything can be solved with doing good, so they are trying to do good. Right now here it is not important are we talking about people who believe in God or not.

We all seen TV shows where preppers are showing their stuff, talking about their plans and things for time when SHTF.

I have seen lady, she is preparing for some possible scenario and showing her food storage and talk about her plans when SHTF. And she is storing whole lot of everything, much more than she and her family needs because as she explains there is gonna be whole lot of people who have lost everything and her plan is to help them.

I feel everything best for her, she is great person. Man who wants to help other people is good person, period.

But when SHTF she is going down. Sorry for being so “negative” but when people have to decide either they die or this nice lady for many answer is easy.

When SHTF things are upside down so it is not working like people imagined. We are all living our lives today aware that bad people exist, but that bad and evil kind is more or less (depending where we are living) controlled or locked away from the society. So we are actually not aware how many bad folks are around us. You might be living with one… yourself.

When SHTF I was rudely awaken from the illusion, actually my illusion was shattered to pieces when I saw what “normal” people did to just survive. So bad people will be around.

The bad man

I knew a guy before SHTF who was nobody. Ordinary worker from one of the industrial machine parts factory. Actually I did not really know him other from usually “hello” on the street, or football discussion sometimes in the neighborhood.

He lived alone, looked decent, and had a typical work and afterwards “coffee house / bar with friends” life. If someone asked me to describe him, I would say “just a guy from the neighborhood” or typical “normal dude”.

When SHTF, he emerged as one of the leader of local groups. And he was popular, he had something that make people want to follow him. Problem was that he had something that make bad kinds of people follow him. He was pretty much something like psychopath.

Murders, rape, robbing and everything else that goes with that was their way of life in that time. And to make things clear here I need to say that whenever I met him and his group out on the street I would go and hide even I knew him from his “former life” as normal guy.

This guy was now someone very different.

It was not a movie, I was prepared to confront them and fight only as a last option, but Batman was not living in the city in that time, even if he was there he probably would have given up so chances of superhero versus group of bag guys was not realistic.

How bad?

They liked to catch sometimes a guy and make him run over the open space where snipers were active, if the guy survived that (rarely) then they shoot at him. If he survived that shooting too, then he would live. He called that “God will decide are you going to live or die”.

Some people have certain type of charisma, and he had lot of it. When you add fact that he was bad, or evil if you like you got explosive combination. He was something like bad kind of hero, man who weak people want to follow. And they will obey his command. Also when you add fact that he provide security and food for them that counts too.

I was once in their nest, or headquarters if you like to call it like that. That was place like taken from weird fairy tales, or like some drug induced nightmare.

On the ceiling there is a big disco ball, on the wall there is a big target drawn with paint with holes from bullets. Some women were laying on the couch giggling, drunk or high watching at me.

On the floor in one corner one man was laying, I was not sure is he dead, drunk or just sleeping, I passed around him careful. I was “wearing” my “I do not care” look because in situation like that if you show fear you may find yourself in bad situation, for example guys could make practicing target out of you just for fun.

Also to look to bold was not good idea.

He was sitting in the bus seat taken from somewhere, and he had hat on his head, kind that you wear with tuxedo. If that all was movie that i was watching i would laugh a lot. But it was not a movie and I did not laugh.

My friend who brought me there introduce me to him and told him that I need MREs. That friend suppose to be something like my protection or something similar, but very soon I realized that I just like everyone else there were depending on his good will.

His first question to me was “are you going to her concert?” I was confused, then he showed me poster on the wall announcing some folk concert that happened year ago in some different world. I did not know what to say. He said ” I can get you tickets” And I said “OK thanks”.

Nobody smiles, some guy behind him were taken apart some machine gun and clean that with oil.

Anyway, we finished our deal, and I went home. While I went out he said “do not forget to pick up your tickets” with big fat smile.

I thought that he was crazy, but actually he was not crazy at all. He just had a big great time since SHTF, and enjoyed to terrify people to feel his power. He lived his dream where everything is allowed, where there is no punishment from society other then some other stronger and more wicked guy.

There is nothing deep and philosophical in that guy behavior and mindset. He was just a normal guy turned bad because he loved power and was in world without rules where he can play.

He lived on bad side and lived fast and evil life. He liked that SHTF situation, but SHTF did not create that guy, he was there all the time, his real character just waited for SHTF to come out and play.

After some time he ended up stabbed to death, and then burned. I also knew guy who did that and he was even worse than him.

Now this guy was not alone. When SHTF whole bunch of weird and sick folks emerged. Point is that you never know what kind of people living around you, or even with you. And to make things worse, as I said, this guy was something like “normal” guy before SHTF.

Besides those normal guys turned bad, there is a whole army of scum and criminals who are just waiting for SHTF to happen so they can go out and be something like small dictators.

You can be sure that they are perfectly prepared for that. They already living in their own version of criminal SHTF, with their rules. When real SHTF they gonna be ready for it, they just gonna jump out fully organized and ready to take over, go open, and be very mean.

I was surprised, I was like “why are so much mean and bad folks suddenly”. Answer is actually simple, bad people are all around us, some of them are aware of fact that they are bad like organized crime members, gangs etc. Others are gonna see SHTF like their chance to fulfill their secret wishes and indulge in power over others.

So no doubt once SHTF you run into bad man from time to time. More typical types of people who survived war in following articles and my course.

How do you expect will your local gang members or bad men be when SHTF?

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  1. williamgoodnight says:

    great article and a good eye opener

  2. Chuck B says:

    Predators now, will certainly be worse and more aggressive when societal restrictions are lost. The “Prepper” lady you spoke of – my first thought too, was that one of the Predators would “acquire” her supplies to give himself more influence, like the warlords in Africa that take all the food sent for famine relief to make themselves richer while the population continues to suffer starvation.

    Chuck B

    • Clinton says:

      That lady is from Preparedness Pro if I recall. Regardless, you are correct. She’s quite literally, “dead meat”.

  3. PD says:

    How do you recognize them BEFORE shtf? May have to rely on them for food and other goods. Kinda would like to know the good people beforehand too.

    • Selco says:

      Mostly you can not recognize them. Just imagine how many folks today we know just by “hello” or “whats up” and that s it. We are think about them as “normal folks” or just another guy from the street, job or cafe. When times get rough people show their real face. We can see some signs at the people maybe if we are really close to them, like we can recognize that some of our close friends have some weird tendencies when it come to some themes.
      Whole point of keeping “low profile” is about the fact that we do not know people around us.

    • Tim says:

      What Selco said!

      Also you need to look at friends you have. can you see any of your friends going overboard? How about one that would walk away and let you die if it benefited him? Those people you need to make sure do not know your plans and preps.

      I look at my list of friends, and out of 25 of them, 6 I would trust in a SHTF. 3, I would trust to have in my SHTF compound and I would know they have my back. And out of that 25, I know 5 of them that I would make sure does not have any idea as to where I am and I would not ever cross their path in SHTF. They are law abiding citizens and nice, but I have heard how they treasure hate for other people that they think wronged them, and how they treat resources and animals they have now.

      Heck I have family members that I would NOT have in my SHTF plans because of this.

      • Selco says:

        It is a good calculation. And even with this number of 3 friends you can consider to be lucky, because i did something similar and i think i could trust maybe to 1 or 2, not more.

  4. mariowen says:

    I already know some guys who live around us who, when it all comes collapsing down, plan to use their guns to get what they want. They have said that already, and I believe them. They will be the ones that I need to watch out for. However, I know that there are others that I think might be better but when everything hits the fan, they will be just the same. It will be a scary time, and I hope that it doesn’t happen. Yet I am quite sure that we are looking at a similar situation very shortly here in America. I try to think through it, but you know, until you actually live inside the situation, you just can’t imagine how bad it can get. I will do a lot of praying. I do that now. When SHTF, I will pray more.

    • If it’s the U.S. we’re talking about, I don’t think that plan of relying on guns to take supplies and what not will pan out too well over the long run in a country with approximately 300 million firearms in civilian hands. If the parasites push their luck I suspect active resistance will steadily whittle down their numbers. And there’s always the chance someone “bigger and badder” will come along and take what they want from these parasites.

  5. Rebecca Cohen says:

    Thanks for the writing, Selco.
    I totally agree with different types of survivalist and plenty of bad/evil people are out there around us.
    I am in U.S. and maybe I have my eyes open and some do not but I see many who aren’t really hiding their evil intent now. Undoubtedly, there are worse out there waiting in the wings for SHTF and they will come out of the woodwork.

    I have told people from time to time not to come looking to me for help when things happen since they don’t want to listen and be ready. Then there are those who act like they are survivalist but the longer I know them I realize they are skin deep on survival and prefer their microwave society and everything easy.

    I think there are good people around but as you learned to be wise, I will continue to listen to what your sharing and be wise.

    Even when SHTF I no I won’t like things no matter how ready I am. Who really would unless evil and power hog as you have shared.

    • Selco says:

      You are welcome.
      Yes, some folks have open attitude that they gonna be bad, some of them are bad today already, but important thing is that some folks that state that they are good will be very bad when SHTF.Some of them lying, other are not aware of fact that they just gonna follow the opportunity and do bad things. Reasons are numerous why people will be bad and mean. I have seen many times people been very evil just for fun. For us reasons “why” are not even important. We just need to understand that there is gonna be lot of evil folks.

  6. Daniel says:

    Psychopaths often look and act like “normal” people but they can easily spotted if you know what to look for. Be wary of people, especially men, who seek to manipulate, dominate, and control others with words or actions. These 3 characteristics are common with serial rapists and murderers. They can behave as nice guys to get what they want and if that doesn’t work they can immediately become violent. Stay alert, stay alive.

  7. HarryHydro says:

    Urban riots of the past have shown us that just the slightest opportunity will bring out the lawlessness in many people. Looting and burning, wholesale destruction, and physical violence on others comes quite easily when there are no consequences. In a SHTF scenario, this will be the norm rather than the exception.

    • Biff says:

      I saw this occur on a regular basis when I was in Afghanistan – specifically in Kabul. The bag guys would incite the public to protest/riot after any event (didn’t matter); then they would loot/pillage, burn, etc under the cover of the rioting. It could easily happen here as we have seen during the LA riots during Rodney King.

  8. Rob says:

    My experience with these guys was very unfortunate for the child-me. Predators, sick fuks, evil creatures and opportunists will do whatever they think they can get away with.

    Yes Selco, that evil guy was always there. He was there AFTER the SHTF and, as you point-out, before the SHTF. What I have learned in my hunting of child sex offenders is that these are the same people as your example evil guy.

    I have also learned that they actually DO reveal bits and slight hints of who they are deep inside. They reveal these elements on occasion, in normal day-to-day life. They will do what they think they can get away with.

    Child sex offenders, or “baby rapers” as I call them, will be off-the-hook out of control in or during social breakdown. Without exception, these people will go on horrid rampages and will need to be “dealt-with” early-on in any real societal breakdown. To fail that, would ensure endless amounts of horror.

    They say “there is a psychotic criminal in all of us that can emerge if encouraged.” I don’t believe that. But I DO know it IS a fact for every predator…for them, the psychotic is already revealed.

    Besides being a “preper,” don’t ever be a stupid “truster.”

    • Paul says:

      I agree Rob. I am also amazed at how many sex offenders there are out there. In a small New England town neighboring mine, population about 6500, I was told that there are 35 registered sex offenders living there. That’s just one town, and the ones that were caught. It’s frightening to imagine just how many of them there are out there.

      • Stephen C says:

        What I’ve noticed is there’s more susceptibility to appetite disorders — appetite for alcohol, food, sex, power, which really is just an appetite for certain emotions. We do everything for emotional reasons. Psychosis is when somebody gets stuck on feeding a certain emotion, through overfeeding a specific appetite. It can be purged out of him maybe, but it’ll always be latent, waiting to re-emerge. Think of that character in Band of Brothers, Garneer, a normal guy who got the news his brother had been killed, and he went psycho killing the enemy for several weeks. But his normal self came back. Nobody, but nobody … truly knows what evil is. It’s hard to beat: Evil comes in wherever God has been banished. There’s no way to predict who it will emerge in. On the one hand we can’t be suspicious of everyone all the time. Nor can we develop a foolproof system of figuring out who’s who. We’ll make mistakes and trust the wrong people, bet on it. So develop multiple backup plans on how to deal with people who try to steal from you, use you as entertainment. The only answer is being able to make it NOT worth their while to fuck with you …

      • juver says:

        not all sex offenders are rapists if a cop sees you urinating against a tree an a park boom your a sex offenders

        • Rob says:

          It depends upon the state. Many now have gradations of nature of offense. In my state, the road-side pee will never be “registered.” But the profiles of the offenses ARE clearly listed on my State’s public registry database. Just excluding the guy who was 17 when the girlfriend was 15 still yields a crazy big number. The men who are child predators are HUGE in numbers.

      • Rob says:

        And within one gallon of gas driving radius, my town is surrounded by 200+…all of whom will go on the move in any civil insurrection.

  9. Ditch says:

    Whenever I read some post from someone talking about how they’re going to stock up extra stuff so they can help people, or who are converting their basement into some sort of SHTF grocery store thinking they will get rich, I just shake my head. I learned in high school that if there is no one to keep them in check, a whole lot of otherwise normal kids go medieval on the weaker students, and that’s just for the sheer fun of tormenting them. Your description of how people turned is pretty much exactly what I would expect. People forget, human beings aren’t the top of the food chain because we’re just so clever. We’re there because deep inside we are the most homicidal animal on the planet, and sometimes that animal isn’t buried all that deeply.

  10. Tracy says:

    The average US citizen probably doesn’t realize it, but there are lots of people like that in America right now. And they are not waiting for SHTF, either. This kind of thing goes on in inner city neighborhoods, and even on the “wrong side of the tracks” in many smaller cities and towns. I have seen it first hand, which is a large part of why I am always armed and aware of my surroundings.

    • Rob says:


      The monsters seek isolated people, isolated things and isolated opportunity.

      The pedophile enjoys the “security” of his own home when destroying a child. Or maybe its within the mental hospital or within the juvenile prison.

      In my arena, I see bucket-loads of unreported rape by very bold monsters. Sub-cultures such as inner-city or within a tribe or an insular church, ensures the creep a certain degree of “get away with it.”

      Even today, in South-central LA, South Bronx NY, South-side of Chicago, Detroit, its a cultural sin to call the police on your son, brother, father or even neighbor for any crime short of murder. This makes the monster very very bold, very very active and ver very safe from justice. What Selco speaks of here is the same thing, but seemingly without ANY restrictions.

      Its good to already know the monsters are always there, as discovering it at the wrong time or when vulnerable is never a good thing.


      • SeTe says:

        I agree, without any threat of repercussion evil will only be embolden.

        Using inner cities as an example is excellent. Add in society has broken down, police/military presences are not out and about, and these individuals and groups/gangs, many of which are already organized will feel they have reign to do as they please. Toss those that yet to show themselves into the mix and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

        Selco, the incident with the guy on the floor and your “face” is an excellent topic, hearing more on this would be insightful. Knowing how to react or not react is very important and can be a game changer. I get the whole right or wrong doesn’t exist, certainly not when ones life depends on it. It comes down to survive or don’t, make the choice.

        As always very informative to hear real life examples.

  11. Dan says:

    I am not a prepper ( I hate that word). I am a survivalist. A good old 80’s term. Now I am a survivalist with 2 kids. It is a great philosophical question about just how far you would go as a parent to keep your kids alive. Say you needed antibiotics to save your kid’s life after SHTF and you run into prepper who has them but maybe asks completely unreasonable barter exchange or simply refuses to give you any. Would you steal them? What level of force would you use to get them? Would you kill to get them? How strong would your morals be in that dire situation? Worth exploring the question for sure.

    • Dave says:

      The answer to that question is the difference between human-predators and moral humans.
      In a crisis people become more of who they are.
      In SHTF everyone is going to be looking for what they need to survive. Some will do it in
      a decent humane way, others will just take what they want wherever they find it and it does
      not matter how they get it. The more urgent the need, the more people rationalize their actions
      by telling themselves things like; “Well she was old and did’t have long to live anyway and my
      child is young and needs this.” Selco is right they are there now. The only thing that inhibits
      them is the fear of getting caught. Remove that fear and you quickly see through the veneer
      of what we call social contract and human decency.

      • Tim says:

        Which is exactly why gun control laws only increase crime. If I was a criminal, I would pray that the government would make gun ownership illegal, that would make it easier for me to prey on victims.

    • juver says:

      what would people do to save their sick kid ?
      the same things that people do to feed their heroin (or any other drug) addiction ,anything that could possibly work or that they could come up with

  12. Ron McClain says:

    Those that are not identified ahead of time will have to be dealt with as best as possible.Those who you know will go that way at first chance should be on your list to be prepared for,and the threat terminated at the first sign of need.Someone here mentioned that they would come out when there were no consequences,we must be prepared to be the consequences.I have put a lot of effort,and treasure into my preps,they are intended for my family,and i intend to protect them.I am not foolish enough to think that i am indestructable,nor am i a bad dude who thinks that i am stronger than others,but i have lived my life as the one that the bad boys didn’t bother.The Jews survive as a nation because they don’t wait to take care of a problem they know they must deal with.If you must face a problem do it before it is to late.

  13. Dan says:

    As a former prison guard, and later police officer, I’ve learned to be aware of people and their true intent all the time. If you’ve been trained and study the different personality types of criminals you can pretty well judge a persons intent ion short order. Anyone I believe to be a threat to me and mine, I won’t hesitate to take them out before they get a chance to do it me. It’s he who hesitates is dead in this situation. Stay alert and CYA (cover your ass).

  14. gyr says:

    Another excellent post Selco. Thank you for “telling it like it is” and reminding us that civilization is just a thin veneer over the psychopathic personalities we were born with. Most of us live with the expectation of good intentions from those around us. In a SHTF scenario we are going to have to assume just the opposite. And act accordingly. Those who can do this MAY survive. Those who cannot definitely won’t survive. Inevitably mistakes in judgement will be made. The survivors will just have to learn to live with that.
    Please keep posting your thoughts and experiences. Your information is making a real difference to those who truly wish to survive.

  15. Chris says:

    Great article, Selco.

    The truth is, there is a ‘purpose’ to these bad people. A grim one, but a purpose. When the scared, stupid, unprepared people are thrown into a SHTF scenario, the bad people will prey on them, and either harden them up, or do away with them. Less mouths to feed. We cannot expect everyone to survive. And a perilous situation can either be learned from, or remove those who will not learn. The good point is that sooner or later the bad people also fall. Another bad person takes them out, or someone they had victimized before but didn’t kill. This is the nature of things.

  16. HalfKin says:

    I have not lived through a battle zone.
    I have done battle for my soul.
    The “fantasy’ is always better than the reality.
    My life has changed 180 degrees more than twice.
    I DO know how one can react differently than ‘Usual or Normal.’
    Adaptability is what Darwin meant when he spoke about the survival of the fittest.
    When you stop changing…
    You die.

  17. CrazyHorse says:

    Thanks Selco. You gave me something to think about.

  18. Aphek says:

    Another fantastic article Selco. I love reading your new posts and am still listening and re-listening to a lot of the audio from the course.

    • AphekAny says:

      Oops, accidentally submitted before I was done writing the comment.

      Anyway, I wanted to compliment you on the pictures you use on the blog. The one for this post stood out to me and I’m wondering now whether you take them. If so, you are a very skilled photographer. This one in particular is quite beautiful, despite the subject matter below.

      Cheers, be well.


  19. Dan says:

    With regard the “Prepper” TV shows: Considering the change that SHTF-conditions may bring about in human kind- it seems kind of foolish to go on national TV and show all your preps, even your defensive strategies in some cases to anybody who cares to tune in.

  20. Zack says:

    Thankfully the group of people I hang out with (and plan to survive with) are very like minded and have a solid “good nature” based on strong faith and virtues. Knowing some negative people and bad guys through my job in law enforcement, I know I can not show them any quarter or mercy in SHTF. Those individuals already associate with each other and have an extensive network just over my area which includes several small towns. Already out of the social norm and criminally active, any reservations on taking life or property out of necessity or just for sport does not exist.

  21. Tim says:

    My father told me this growing up, “When you hear whispers of SHTF, you get the hell out of town. Just get away from people, because people will turn into animals faster than you can think.”

    Dad fought in the Korean War and saw some things that were disturbing, His brother fought in the Vietnam War and saw even more disturbing…

    And the American history is also full of such stories, Only 100 years ago we had warlords in the USA, the west was still wild, and texas was still the badlands.

    There is one way to discover if your friends are the psychopath type; IF they are wronged by another, do they get really angry and hold hate for that other person? do they go overboard with their words because of something that someone else did? You have a very good chance of knowing someone that will put a bullet in your back in a SHTF situation.

    If you want to avoid the “bad people” then you need to look for the warning signs and bug out early, and make sure you don’t bring and friends with you that are or have the potential to be “bad people”.

    • Rob says:

      Are we (USA) there yet Tim?

      • timgray says:

        Nahh, not yet. We have a few years yet, unless something really stupid is done by the feds, or N Korea.

        Well it depends….. I know people that live in Detroit that would tell you that Detroit proper is currently in a SHTF situation… I know a couple of guys that open carry all day long there. They want people to see the desert eagle in the holster on their hip.

        • lateToTheParty says:

          WTH would you carry an Eagle for defense? Bullets are 0.35 to 1.00 each, it only carries up to 8 (7+1), 7 (6+1) for the AE50, it weights 4lbs+ when loaded and costs $800 to $2000. If you get into something and cops nab you, there goes your nice Eagle. Get an inexpensive 45 or a 9, say Glock with 13 or 17 rounds. You can’t re-point an Eagle near as easily as you can anything that weights less. I can fire (2) 44 mag bullets accurately in sequence, after that they start going wild. Double taps with the Eagle are high chances of hitting ANYTHING but your target. And I wanna see someone shoot an Eagle in the ‘gangsta position!’ The rotational recoil might snap your hand.

          Sure it’s imposing but a tek-9 or Glock with 30 round mag would be far more useful. On the Eagle, if you don’t practice with it constantly (or something heavier), someone with a 38’s gonna put you down. It is is no way a self-defense/offense weapon. It’s intended to be fun. Even when hunting bear etc and worried about the predator coming after you, a 460 or a 500 revolver is much more likely to be useful. Eagles safety is known for working it’s way loose. Try firing with a safety that ain’t working.

          I love my Eagle, it’s a lot of fun, but I’ve got a 357 S&W for real world “OH ^&%$, someone’s trying to get in.” Kick’s less, sure I get 2 less bullets, but with the S&W I can hit 10’s all day long at the range, no sweat and no pain. I’ve got another big caliber gun for backup of the S&W, but they’re not taking my Eagle because I had to shoot some street trash.

          • oldfatguy says:

            Stay away from Tec-9’s. They’re unreliable junk. I’ve repaired weapons made by this manufacturer, and can honestly say if someone gave me one for free, I’d get rid of it. The internals are not hardened and wear excessively. In time, the magazines no longer seem to fit the magazine wells, and fail to feed.

  22. DocB says:

    A good thread and good time to remind each other to be very quiet about your survival plans and storage.

    Most of the burgalries that happen now are perpetrated by people -or associates of people- who were trusted enough to be shown a gun collection or stash of gold coins or something that appeared “worth it” to come back and steal or to blab about to their pals.

    How much more will they be inclined to remember that pile of food, water and camping gear over at old what’s-‘is-name’s house?

    We feel people out very carefully before we even discuss preparedness with anyone, much less let them know anything about what we’ve done, and nobody from the outside sees the gear in person.

  23. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I have been fortunate to live in a time (now) and place (USA) where experiences like these are not commonly seen (though I’m sure the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ is very consistent with experiences above). The ‘Bad Man’ may be the psychopath is now allowed to run without outside (LEO) interference, or just a person who’s life has led him to make some choices he would not rather have become. And once that path is chosen, its hard to change or run from.

  24. BobbyD says:

    Please consider, and further explore if interested:


    Some will not hear my voice because the world will try to block my words. The believers must make them known. All the words should be read and studied. In this way, every person will gain a certitude that they are true words.
    I speak of many things – of the forces of good and evil, of the growing power of evil that has gone unchecked for so long, of the inevitability of the evil breaking forth and disrupting human life. However, I also speak of my saving actions. I tell people not to fear but to cling to my words. I tell them to take no revenge and not to resort to violence. Their safety and security lies in helping one another and in trusting my divine help (which will be everywhere). These are my words and they must be known by all.


    I am a mother who saves all my children, but they must stay close. They must gather and pay attention. Listen closely. Those who trust in their own resources and try to save themselves will be caught in deception. Do not trust in your own powers. They are totally inadequate. The forces are too powerful and will be too long-lasting.
    In every heart, I place goodness. As the trials continue, this goodness must grow. There must be greater faith in my words and greater love for one another. My saving actions will be in your own hearts. My lights will be in your own minds. From the very beginning, do what is true and just. Your feet will be set on the right path. Do not swerve from this. You will see others who lose hope and begin to act quite differently, trying to save themselves and forgetting others. This is a deception. Being safe will result from an intense practice of the virtues and even heroic acts. In all of this, I will be with you and I will be a mother who takes pride in the goodness of her children.


    • Redstone says:

      Do not take this wrong. As I was reading your Jesus part, all I saw was this.

      As the steel gates that held back the lions slowly rised, the cheers from the crowd became deafening. The stupid terrified Christians cried, knelt-down and prayed while some of them just ran around the arena screaming. In the end, all the lions had a massive bloody feast, while the spectators satisfied their blood-lust. As I looked around the crowd, I was unable to see your Jesus. Jesus has left the building.

      We must maintain a solid faith in doing what is right and do our best to protect ourselves and our fellow human. But to blindly offer no resistence to evil or to panic once you realize you are alone to fight the enemy, makes you easy game for the evil ones. Daniel stood his ground with the lions. He was out muscled and out numbered, yet he was untouched. Why waste time and energy on him when there was so many willing victims waiting to be ripped apart instead.

      God gave me the gift to learn. I show my respect by being the best I can be and be able to stand on my own two feet. I do get a little help from God every now and then as I struggle against some overwhelming odds. Every good father wants his kids to be able to fend for themselves and help others when ever possible.

      Help me turn the soil and plant in the crops, and we shall share many feasts together. Come to steal or harm me and I will rip out your heart with my bare hands and lose no sleep over it.

      • Selco says:

        As far as I do not want to go into the religion discussions because there is no winners in it , just bad feelings, i still must say that i like what you wrote here.
        I am not bad man, that is clear also because i am preparing for the bad times very hard. I could just wait for SHTF and go out and took things from weak and stupid people, and you have to trust me because things that i saw and go trough i would know how to do that. But i am not that kind or man, and i believe real preppers are not that kind of folks too.
        There is a times when you have to act, if you do not act you or persons close to you can be hurt. I will act. Of course any kind of help is welcomed.

      • Sspxer says:


        I think someone forgot to tell you that the Christians won, and converted most of the world by their example.

        The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Catholic Church.

        If the Catholics were thrown into the Coliseum, it is precisely because they resisted until the end.

        To think us weak would be a mistake.

        We have not lost the courage of our ancestors.

        Read the example of St Polycarp, who grabbed the lion and pulled it on top of him, when the lion hesitated.

        When the bad men come, they will think us weak when they see our Crucifixes and holy pictures.

        This will be to our advantage.

      • Read this then, Redstone..


        Painting with broad brushes can lead to error. I do not think that what you quoted is an accurate representation of what the martyrs would have thought before their deaths.

        Anyway. There is a time to submit to martyrdom, and a time to resist evil.


    • Demogunner says:

      All based on a fantasy book supposedly written on authority of 3 historians. 2 of which lived generations after Jesus supposedly lived and Josephus who, by most supplemental accounts, was purported to be a liar.

  25. Dan says:

    Think what kind of evil behavior will arise from those who are chemically addicted to strong drugs. There is no limit to the extremes they might go to to get their next “high”, especially in a SHTF scenario where there is no LEO to punish or stop heinous behavior.

    • lateToTheParty says:

      Heavy drug users will die, and dang quickly. Not because anyone specifically will put them down, but right now if a user comes at me in the street, I am expected to show restraint. Might be able to rehabilitate or get them off the drugs. When people know no LEOs are coming, anyone they know is heavily addicted will be shown the front door locked and set securely. People who already see bad behavior when cops are around know how bad it can become.

      There’s also overdoses. No more medics rushing in to save you. Screwed up by 10cc? Bye. Yes there will be users, but a lot will die just from the changes; from being in a world that stops caring about them.

      And as Selco pointed out, how may ‘rocks’ are gonna have arsenic not coke? If they will do that to baby food, how much more will they do it to a ‘druggie’? Or heroin will have all sorts of stuff to cut it. (Real tar anyone?) Right now, dealers have a reason to keep someone strung out. But after SHTF, why have to mess with them? Just get them to steal a bunch of stuff in exchange ($10,000/$20,000 worth of stuff), and poison the ones who are useless otherwise.

      It’s a money smorgasbord at first, then as money loses it’s value and people get warier, the pickin’s get thinner and thinner. Finally only non-users are useful (they don’t get stupid and die from lead poisoning.)

  26. Ron says:

    In a SHTF situation, I won’t be looking to harm others… but I won’t be looking to help others, either. Rule #1: Hide, when you can. Rule #2: Kill, when you must.

  27. Cincinnatus_in_OH says:

    Bravo, Selco! Great read. Speaking of “reads,” I am going over historian, Michael Wood’s “IN SEARCH OF THE DARK AGES,” again. Wow! I am seeing a whole lots of parallels comparing today’s collapsing America and Western Europe with the fall of the Roman empire. Decency and civility went right out the window.

    Truly scary. Talk about brutality–you really don’t want to hear about the tortures and executions inflicted on a “sheeple” populace by maniacal raiders and criminals. I am in my 60’s and have seen a lot of things in my life, but found it hard to imagine the cruelty inflicted on others by people out of control. Suffice to say, the ones killed outright were the lucky ones.

    Rule #1 in SHTF–everyone is evil until they prove otherwise. The burden is on them–not you. Watch your back.

    Today, with tv, computers, iPads, etc., the stuff out there that’s placed into the minds of troubled people is appalling. Sorry folks, I think humankind is “de-volving,” not evolving. Apes do not kill or torture people for fun.

    As Selco wisely counsels–avoid the problem in the first place–stealthily moving away from trouble. Direct confrontation and fighting is a last resort.

    But I say this to you–should you ever get into a true “life and death” struggle one-on-one, you have got to have a cold heart. It is the hard heart that kills–not the weapon. If I am struggling in a fight with a beast–be he a man or wolf, he will get the same treatment. It’s me or him. Lights out. You or him.

    • Selco says:

      Thank you.
      Yea, if we go in past and check some history books we can see that some things are happened before, and there are lot of similarity. Societies crushed before, from many reasons, producing chaos every time. Difference between some huge events in past and things that gonna happen in future is in fact that next big event is gonna be probably world wide, and people are too “addicted” to modern way of living, with all things like eletricity, heating, TV… we do not know how to make things we go and buy things, we do not know how to repair we just go and get new one…
      So it is gonna be bad.

  28. heavybullets says:

    Good article, Selco. I’m almost through the audios of your course… very, very helpful. You address the realities, not the romanticized fantasies most people mentally live in.

    I’m glad to see you spell it out for people… evil unleashed, no limits. Most folks have no clue what people can/will do, much less what they can/will do under the kind of duress all of you were in. People need a serious wake-up call, and that article will help.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. mike gaddis says:

    Your comment about putting on your “I don’t care” face. And how you put it on without being too bold. It’s funny how it brings back memories of basic street survival rules that anyone with any kind of street smarts has. It’s good that you mention little things that you might not think is worth mentioning. That advice may save someone’s life one day.

    • Tim says:

      Being “invisible” helps a lot as well. There are a lot of things you can do to just blend in and disappear. These really need to be practiced daily by people. If you are going to be stuck in an urban area, you really need to practice your game face and blending in and disappearing. regularly.

      I also suggest people learn how to smuggle. I.E. carry things without people knowing it. IF you look like you have nothing, you are not worth rolling.

  30. shanem says:

    these are the types of posts that makes me want to buy the info and storys on your course it sucks i am poor and what little money i do have is better off going towards things i need to survive.in my opinion everyone has bad and good in them its not clear cut black and white its all pretty much grey areas.obviously im not gonna make people run a mogendishu mile across sniper alley.but there are certian times when takeing advantige of other people is not only prefferable but a necessity.for instence if i do ever come accross a group of these “bad people” such as rapers killers of inocents animal beaters etc. and i have the chance i will 100% take advantige of them and do them harm.i could go on for 12 more paragraphs on the subject but i think you get the picture.with all that said pick your battles know your enemy and live to fight another day.thanks for the post and dont forget to pick up your tickets lol


  31. Bill says:

    All I can say is God bless you and your family for sharing this information with us. You are an unusual human being who has a great heart deep down inside. Yes, you really do care for your fellow mankind.

  32. highdesertlivin says:

    I think, as Americans we are thinly bound together (race), and that your particular race or even recently moved to a location.these could definitely make a difference of you being stripped of your (whatever they are)goods, and or killed.I believe geographically in a shtf one might need to move so as not to be a prime target for “the bad men”. While I am not a racist , I recognize birds of a feather do flock together. How many mixed race gangs, motorcycle clubs ect. do you see. Thanks for the read.

  33. Magnum says:

    Hi Selco. As I read each sentence of your story I came to realize that if SHTF where I live, it’s me and my personality who you describe. I will become the subject of this horrible scenario. Any advice today for someone who is likely to turn bad once the SHTF switch is turned on?

  34. Blueskies says:

    I remember reading a study about people in wartime that said about 10% became violent murderers, rapists etc. 10% were brave and willing to risk their lives for others (the heroes) and 80% just did what they could to survive and mainly followed the herd.

  35. Blueskies says:

    I think it’s important to know who to be wary of in SHTF but it’s also very important to know who the good people are you can trust. When times are hard your life or livelyhood may depend on the assistance of a good friend or family member. I know we all want to be completely independant but everyone gets sick or injured or runs out of meny or food at some time and needs help.

  36. chester says:

    Thanks Selco. Giving some thought to this topic in advance certainly is helpful. And the fact you speak from experience is
    of benefit to us all. Great blog post. SHTF School is great resource.

  37. Anon242 says:

    Know body language, micro expressions & probe to see responses to different situations, be subtle or they will see what you are doing & close off.

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