Violence in Syria

Those scenes feel strangely familiar.

This short documentary shows many aspects. People queuing up for the few food that is left, makeshift hospital that does not work well and the human tragedy that comes with all this.

Often street fighting was very similar. Spray and pray. What you see after 2 minutes are civilians with guns. Not aware of risks and without much of a strategy. We have been like that in beginning too. After some time you figure out what to do and what not. What people there do is so dangerous because they underestimate angle of fire from attackers. Enemies have to get out of cover just a little bit to shoot people, while they have to move several meters to get back to some sort of cover. Crazy risk indeed.

You also see crowd dynamic. Who believes those people will ever give up fight? Nobody. They will win or die. What you see in video is that crowd is exctatic for fighting, for freedom, whatever.

What you do not see in video is what is going on in background. Maybe situation is not desperate enough yet, because this one bakery shop still operated, but if situation continues like that people will turn against each other. Team spirit was gone in second month after we got cut off from supplies and that is when pillaging, raping, torturing start to become common.

I hope someone ends this situation over there. I prepare for situation like this and when you watch this, this should be reminder that things like that can happen to you too, not just in far away country. People really wanting to kill each other looks same worldwide.

Here is another video from other side of things. Filmed by Syrian Army snipers.

If you have other videos / reports about situation over there feel free to share in comments.

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  1. I can’t even imagine the range of emotions/memories that something like this would bring for someone like you. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Pete says:

    It is very difficult to imagine scenes like these in America. We have had some riots, events like Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, of course 9/11 Twin Towers and Pentagon airplane attacks, but they all seem like isolated rare events. Let’s hope it stays that way. However, the point of being prepared is well taken. I think many Americans are far better prepared than those unfortunate people in places like Syria.

  3. Gary Wilson says:

    The people of Homs are feared by the Syrian government as they are purported to be muslim extremists who want a religious government. News reports and documentaries are saying the civilians are being armed by the west. To what end? Possibly just to create chaos and destabilize the present Syrian government in the hopes of getting one friendlier to the western nations.
    If this is true it would mean that those civilians are simply being used and will find no sympathy or practical help forthcoming. They had better prepare for a long siege and begin organizing for their own good.

    • Selco says:

      I think there is a lot more there then media reports. I think none of us can judge how good or bad the leaders in Homs are with little real information. If you pick up gun because you want to fight you made a choice and maybe death is part of this. If you have to fight because otherwise you get killed, you had no choice.

      I doubt it will happen but hope this somehow can be solved in peaceful manner.

  4. newprepr says:

    Thank you Selco for adding these videos, my friends still think that the USA will never have to endure any such troubles. I sure hope they are correct because those people seem to be living in hell.

  5. frosty2 says:

    It certainly makes the point the the course is not just a history lesson. Learn from the past, analyze the present and prepare for the future. It is not a game or a hobby.

    • anthony barbuto says:

      I guess all of you commentators are younger than me. I remember in the 1960s, we were concerned about race wars. When Martin Luther King was killed there were riots….or maybe that was before your time. Jamie Fox, the actor said on TV….” if Obama was not re elected there would be riots”….Oprah Winfrey said ….” old white bigots should just DIE”……nice…I live in a city with a white and black population. As soon as SHTF I am cutting out for the country…avoiding the black section…I don’t need to be a target..

  6. Christian Gains says:

    Selco, you are TRULY doing an invaluable service to those who’ve never even IMAGINED being involved in such a disaster!

    May God help us ALL to get psychologically, as well as mentally, physically & spiritually PRE-pared to survive a “TEOTWAWKI” {the end Of The World As We Knew It}, period! Your counsel is TREMENDOUS brother, and your willingness to help us realize WHAT we should PRE-pare for, is admirable, to say the VERY LEAST!

    Thank you, and may God bless you abundantly for your work & sacrifice, on our behalf!

  7. GregT says:

    Early stages. You’d think that after this amount of time, the folks of low competency would be weeded out. Luckily for the resistance, from seeing how the Syrian Army works and is trained, the resistance has a decent chance of making it back to bed tonight.

    Thanks for finding and posting these vids, they’re good examples of why you don’t want to be in a situation like this.

  8. J says:

    You continue to provide such a valuable service for your readers, thank you.
    Two things remain unclear, and the ‘main stream media’ cannot be trusted at all. But one must wonder, how does one identify friend from enemy, among civilians? There was a place where the narrator in the video said that a Sunni muslim could not go beyond a certain doorway without risking being shot; but HOW would someone know he was a Sunni? I wonder then, how did OU know which persons were safe to allow them to approach and which should be avoided, or shot dead? Was there some sign, or code word or article of clothing, or did you simply avoid anyone you did not personally already know?
    Thank you as always.

    • Selco says:

      Be cautious with anyone. He might not kill you because of group you belong to, he might shoot you because he needs shoes.

      I think in video it was like here, people knew each other and if not they shot people they simply did not know. Why take risks with someone you do not know.

  9. Mariowen says:

    How easy it would be to have our own country erupt into this kind of battle. I thank you, Selco, for showing us what a brutal thing war can be. As we are far removed from this kind of thing, we do not realize the terror for everyone including the women and children. I wonder, the same as J, how you tell the friend from the enemy.

  10. Blenchley says:

    So Selco, who makes a facile comparison between Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the Middle East in 2012, now wishes somebody to “end the situation” in Syria, does he? Have a word to Mrs Clinton, Selco. Ask her and the NATO countries (Italy, France, UK) that organised the destruction of Libya along with NATO-loving Arabian Gulf dictatorships (Qatar, Bahrein) to close down the Syrian Free Army of Wahabites operating into Syria out of a camp in Turkey in the interests of the USA and NATO; ask them to stop working with the Islamists (Sunni) flooding into Syria from Iraq to fight against the Syrian govt.

    Check out why the Syrian Army was able to arrest about 12 French military men in Syria, holders of French passports, this week and how France is trying to get them released.

    Stop believing the atrocity lies peddled by the NATO presstitutes and sourced in that mysterious single-source of Syrian anti-govt. “activism” based In London. Have you forgotten how Saddam’s men are supposed to have torn Kuwaiti babies out of incubators in Gulf War 1? Except that the “nurse” who cried her eyes out to the US Congress about that “atrocity” later turned out to be a PR stunt, the “nurse” being the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US?
    Today, Assad’s snipers are supposed to have shot a lot of little children. Now how about that for an atrocity coincidence?

    Assad was never a holy man- he is a eye doctor- neither was Gaddafi. But Libya is now hell on earth. Is that what you want for Syria?

    • Selco says:

      I do not take political sides, I do not judge one side or other. What I see here are people going through hell and I would like to see a end to this. I also can not predict future, you can not too. So I believe end of fighting will be better than what we saw in this video.

    • DocB says:

      re: Blenchley comments, sounds like another casualty from exposure to Faux News and right-wing NeoCon agitprop. The old John Birch Society jingoism tinfoil hattery about NATO and the UN.

      Selco’s measured response is commendable.

      • Chuck says:

        I think Selco has stated many times that this blog is about the survival side of things not the political or religious. The lessons here not about what news show you watch but what would _you_ do if this sort of madness arrives on your doorstep. It’s really easy to sit here in a warm room with plenty of food and say “i’d do this or that” but observing mobs in action, like the video he shared, holds real life examples of how people behave. Towards the end of the first video there is a comment about how the snipers are operating. This is exactly how Selco described them in what he lived through.

        Lots of lessons here, if you take the time to hear them.

  11. If Americans will beat each other over $2 waffle makers, imagine what they will do when food is not accessible.

    • DocB says:

      RK wrote: “If Americans will beat each other over $2 waffle makers, imagine what they will do when food is not accessible.”

      Pandemonium does not even begin to describe it. The USA has been so isolated from the real world for so long, and placed in such a deep hypnotic trance by TV ‘programming’ that the reality of anarchy and uncivil war would likely produce a situation of mental zombies, unable to think or process information correctly.

      What I find amazing is how little of what is depicted on the video Selco has provided above has made it onto the “news” networks here. From their ‘coverage’, you’d think Syria was undergoing something akin to an Occupy protest combined with a garbage worker strike.

      The video reminds me of Saigon in 1968 when the US embassy was overrun. The TV is showing us none of this Syria fighting. I wonder why.

      • anthony barbuto says:

        What…the US gov’t has done a “wonderful job”…despite the fact that 8 years ago there were two wars…Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, after eight years of “great leadership”, there are four wars…the same two countries plus the Sudan and Syria. Egypt and other countries are ready to collapse, and Iran and N Korea remain un-checked.
        As soon as the straits of Hormuz are blockaded, you will see $10 gallon gas in the USA. It does not matter that we are producing more and more fuel…it takes a long time before crude gets to the refineries, then to distribution.
        Speaking of distribution….US retailers have a just-in-time delivery mentality. This decreases insurance and overhead costs on inventory. Unfortunately that means there is a three day supply of food in the stores at any one time.
        When SHTF,…… do you REALLY think……. there WON’T be riots in the USA?

  12. frosty2 says:

    Posted by me on another website that linked to Selco:

    Knowing that I live in a country where small-scale mob actions happen because of a new type of sneaker, I have to fear the worst. Even with it’s divisions along religious and political lines, Syria is a mono-culture compared to the US. If a large scale civil disturbance happens here this society will fracture along the lines of politics, race, class, religion, ethnicity and regionalism all wrapped up in the struggle for resources. Throw in some foreign intervention and… well you decide. But it ain’t going to be the brave freedom fighters against the evil empire.

    Blenchley: I don’t believe Selco made any real political judgment but your points were interesting.

    DocB: Your refutation of Blenchley was name calling without supporting fact. Is MSNBC, the propaganda arm of the White House better, or maybe the Communist News Network. The UN is simply a global corruption machine designed to suck off the wealth of the industrial nations.

  13. Cache Valley says:

    Most of us are here to learn about SHTF survival. Selco has always gone out of his way to stay on topic and not get off on tangents about politics, ethnocentricity or religion. I appreciate that about this blog.

    Those videos, the first one in particular, are a wealth of information on “what not to do in an urban combat situation.” Amazing that they took over anything and that anyone survived at least until the end of the filming.

    -Didn’t use available cover, attacked from very close range: extremely vulnerable to aimed direct fire.
    -Attacked from low ground.
    -Attacked from one direction.
    -Didn’t aim fire.
    -No body armor.
    -No comms.
    -No leadership.
    -Bunched up, very vulnerable to indirect fire/command detonated defenses.

    More effective. They probably eventually took the gov’t office & post office because:
    -They attacked in superior numbers.
    -Established firepower superiority.
    -Tenacious, motivated.
    -Defenders were not really that much better trained/led/equipped than they were.

  14. Moonbeam says:

    great observations, cache valley! how awesome would it have been for them to have had body armor, ammo and walkie talkies in their preps? even simple medical supplies would have been a god send for makeshift hospitals. food and water storage would have mitigated having to go into sniper alleys. night vision? forget about it!

    for those who think it can’t happen in the US:

    – our peaceful protestors are being beaten up in the streets
    – drones are being deployed in our homeland to spy and can easily be tactically equipped.
    – taxes and inflation are eating away at our abilities to feed our families and perform our jobs
    – education is exchanged for a lifetime of debt slavery if you can’t afford it outright
    – reproductive rights are reduced to financial equations
    – freedom of information is eroded by corporations and government espionage

    how will you react when you can’t afford food or gasoline? what will you do when you are taxed out of your property? when you are asked to turn in your precious metals for the “good of your country” much like greece, will you rise up against the banksters and the powers that be, or will you be a good little slave? when they come for your guns, will you volunteer to rat out your neighbors to save yourself? wouldn’t the nazis have loved to have the internet to spy on all their citizen’s interests and activities?

    wake up, folks. the choices will one day come to your doorstep. it is happening already. these common and regular people in syria wouldn’t chose of their own accord to destroy their cities and get shot at by snipers. they were forced into it by an oppressive regime that even while it is happening spreads their lies and propaganda to the media and denies what these videos clearly show.

    it is the age old battle between the haves and have nots couched in religious overtones. where do YOU stand? are your getting enough bread and circuses to keep you pacified? what will you do when the bribes for your allegience are replaced by jack boots and M-16s?

    turn off your TV and protest peacefully now while peaceful solutions might still exist. and prepare for the worst because it might already be too late.

  15. Daniel says:

    Moon beam,

    Your last 3 paragraphs are not appropriate for this website. Selco the owner has asked that we his GUESTS refrain from politics. This place is all about information, knowledge, and learning.

    The who is right, wrong, why, and what you should do to protest or resist should be best said somewhere else. NOT HERE.

    You won’t find calls for protest in the dictionary or a cook book. Why? Because it is not appropriate for the medium. It’s the same here.

  16. Carol says:

    re/ Blenchley and his accusing Selco of making a “facile comparison between Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the Middle East in 2010.”

    Facile, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, means superficial and without depth.

    Selco is the extreme opposite. I hope to gain from his great depth of knowledge as he has lived through unimaginably challenging times and consequently recognizes similar events.

    I have much to learn.

    • Selco says:

      Thank you
      To know different political systems and reasons, and different cultures and people is maybe good, knowledge is good.
      But sometimes political discussions, and different views of something can somehow lead us to ” that can not happen to us ” thinking, or ” we are better than them “.
      I had that kind of thinking before everything started in my case, and i was so wrong.

  17. dee says:

    Survival is key and to survive in the situation Selco was in, someones politics or religious beliefs is something that one shouldnt worry about, it should be, does he have a weapon and intend on killing me for my shoes.

  18. Moonbeam says:

    Daniel, sorry to slip and take a political side. I guess, for me, it is very eye opening to hear the Syrian president or his ambassador or minister of whatever coming on NPR and doing an interview and saying one thing and then seeing the opposite play out in these videos.

    The internet is great in that regard. There is much potential to confuse messages and twist things around, but the raw data is at least getting out there and being seen by the average person – unfiltered through the news medias, un-distilled by the corporatocracy.

    The only political message I meant to portray was this: if you live in my country, get of your butt, put down the cheeseburger and take an interest in peaceful solutions to our problems before it comes to this.

  19. KobeDaRott says:

    Like this website, thanks.
    Don’t know if you have seen this guys video on Syria.

  20. nord says:

    Guys, please wake up:
    the same force that wants regime change in Syria is the same force that screwed Balkan over! Dont you guys see it? and its coming for a neighborhood near you…

    The “free Syrian army” and alCIAda’s goals are not peace and prosperity for Syria, but control over the country’s banks.. It wants to eliminate all moderate, functioning Islamic countries to create two powerful poles, to later unleash ww3 as of the plans of Albert Pike (read up..)
    And then install NWO.

    Be careful of what you post from Syria, chances are that you are spreading UNs deadly and evil propaganda!
    Dont be a tool!

    Thanks for much knowledge on what will happen when UN are successful in their evil agenda and SHTF.. When UN gets its will, sadly some nuclear survival skills will be needed too.

    ww1 gave us “Leage of nations”
    ww2 gave us “United nations”
    ww3 gives us the Luciferian “New world order” and total enslavement

    God bless! UN = enslavement

  21. TimeHasCome says:

    Thank you Selco for this informative blog . I will take your course , I will have to brace myself for it . I am an older person and I have never seen the USA so divided. We are ripe for something and I don’t know what. America spends more per capita on Kitty Litter than some people of other nations spend on food . We are soft and weak and fall apart so easily. Thank you for helping me get prepared.
    Our nation is so angry and I don’t know why . There is a quote is a great book called ” When Money Dies” about Wiemar Germany 1920-23 . The quote is “Everyone is angry and nobody knew why ” . Maybe people unconsciously feel this sense of unease that something is simply not right and change is coming .

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